Monday, April 13, 2009

Brian McTaggart did it to himself

Are you kidding? Inviting the Chronicle-commenting public to offer what they would do to fix the Astros? Thankfully - and this is said without a trace of sarcasm, I promise - we have an intelligent readership here at Astros County.

Here are some of the responses:

Fire Tal Smith!!! He's clearly been at the heart of this teams problems for a long time, yet he's not held accountable like the more public faces of the organization (the managers and GMs). He should have went the same day that Garner and TP went.

If the Astros don't win more than five games in April and the offense sputters than hitting coach Sean Berry has to go. I'm simplistic, but why would you hire a hitting coach who was a mediocre hitter in his (Berry) MLB career? Wouldn't Bourn do better if the hitting coach was someone who hit over .300 in their MLB career and was one to hit to all fields?

I would definitely give Keppinger more at bats and hit in the #2 hole. Rest Tejeda and Matsui and let Keppinger get more plate apperances. The guy has been torrid offensively but he sits on the bench - only plays against LHPs.

What should have been done at least a year ago-blow it up:
1. Drayton sell the team
2. Dump Ed Wade and get a real GM. Pay Billy Beane or one of his posse whatever it takes.
3. Dump Cecil Cooper
4. Trade Valverde, Oswalt and maybe even Berkman and reload. Dump Tejada for anyone that will eat any of his contract.
5. Play the kids you do have and find out if any of them can play.

The overall tone of management has to change ...

Drayton is not helping the Astros cause with all of his mind-numbing chatter. He hasn't had all of marbles in one place for several years now. He needs to agree to fade into the background back in Waco, stop coming to the home games, and shut up. ENOUGH DRAYTON, SO STOP IT. His constant interference is hurting the team.

After that, fire Tal Smith and the rest of the monkeys up there. Hire a real GM like Paul dePodesta, then get the %#@* out of the way and let him do his job without interference.

Give Cecil Cooper another 25 games to find a groove. If he doesn't then send him to the showers and bring in a more experienced manager and try to salvage this mess.

Lastly, stop coddling players like Berkman, Oswalt, and Lee - it's disgusting. These guys are underperforming yet nobody upstairs seems to really mind. If these guys can't do their job let them know that THEY MUST PLAY BETTER. We need some life on this team ... maybe a little friction will light a fire.

This one's my favorite. First, the owner of a multi-million dollar company needs to agree to not come and watch his investment in person. Then get rid of the entire front office. And six games isn't enough to judge a manager, let's give him another 25 - that's fair. Then stop treating your stars like stars. Add that up....=success!