Sunday, April 26, 2009

At what point is it okay to talk about having Jason Smith check out what the Hill Country has to offer?

The stats are brutal:

0x20 (two sacrifices though), so 0x18
0x5 with men on
0x4 with RISP

Last night in the bottom of the 11th, with 0 out and Hunter Pence on first base, Jason Smith nutted two bunt attempts and then couldn't get it done to push Pence to 2nd base.

Is three weeks too early to talk about sending him to The Rock?

Edwin Maysonet at Round Rock is hitting 9x27, .333/.471/.407 with 7K:7BB
John Gall is hitting 18x59, .305/.391/.475, with 2HR-10RBI, 8K:9BB

If Jason Smith comes up to bat - at any point in the game - what is your first reaction? Maybe this should be a factor...


Steve said...

I have an exactly same feeling as when an pitcher comes up at bat. I bet Hampton and Backe can hit better than Smith...

Seth said...

I agree. It needs to be talked about. 20 at bats and he looks overmatched in everyone, in my humble and meaningless opinion.