Sunday, April 26, 2009

Matchup for G19 - Brewers at Astros

The Astros end their 10-game homestand in which they were thoroughly unimpressive. Losing a series to the Reds, winning one - surprisingly - against the Dodgers, and losing this series against the Brewers.

Russ Ortiz

Russ Ortiz will attempt to build on the last four innings of his last outing and string some innings together where he isn't pushing a pitch count limit by the end of the third inning. This will be his third start of the season.

Last two starts:


Here's the thing. In those 9.2IP, Ortiz has faced 44 batters, walked seven, given up hits to six, and thrown 215 pitches. An average of 22 pitches per inning. That's a lot.

First-pitch strikes: 28 (.167/.276/.333), with 10K:4BB.
First-pitch balls: 31 (.292/.452/.375), 1K:7BB

Manny Parra

Handy Manny is another Brewers SP whose season hasn't exactly started as planned, starting out 0-3 with an 8.16 ERA / 1.74 WHIP. He did mix in one quality start, but here you go...


I imagine we'll see Keppinger in the lineup today - righties hitting .256/.333/.488 off Parra while lefties are hitting .333/.474/.467. The Astros saw a lot of Parra last year:

May 3 A4IP9H/5ER3K:4BB8GB/8FB
May 30 H6IP4H/1ER6K:4BB4GB/12FB
June 11 A5.1IP10H/5ER3K:0BB9GB/11FB
July 25 H6IP8H/3ER5K:2BB14GB/5FB
Aug 20 H5IP6H/2ER2K:4BB10GB/7FB

Vs. HOU: 3-2, 26.1IP, 37H/16ER, 19K:14BB, 5.47 ERA / 1.94 WHIP


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