Monday, March 16, 2009

What do some of your fellow Astros fans think?

Comments from the Chronicle's coverage of the Pudge signing. These people share your team.

I can see it now. "There's a bunt halfway down the third base line. Pudge and Boone are chasing it. They're still chasing it. Still. Still. Ohhhhh, their walkers got tangled up together. No throw. Runner safe at third."

Humphh. He's 37 and ready for pasture, and probably just tested for 'roids. Those are the two qualifications that Wade looks for.

Also, the oldest roster in the major leagues just got a little older.
(Shouting theirs)

Oh yea, sign a 37 year old catcher who brings almost nothing to the pathetic offense the team has. Nice going Drayton.

Wait a minute. It isn't April Fool's Day is it? Did I sleep an extra two weeks last night? I can't believe McLame would actually open his wallet this year! Of course, I wouldn't trust Scott Boras as for as I could throw him.

So are they going to wheel him out to home plate? Good lord, he'll need an assited living nurse to help him put on his catcher's gear.

Nothing against Pudge but the stros are not a playoff team with or without him. Uncle Fetus save dole and cut beer prices instead. Surveys has showed attendance will increase with cheaper beer prices.

Now we just need a picture to throw to the catcher (that's sic'ed, friends).