Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What did Astros County's coverage of the Pudginess look like?

Feb 12: Alyson Footer, Tim Dierkes and I all agree that the Astros are fine trying to settle two catcher spots among four catchers. And $2.5 million is about $2 million too expensive for a catcher, even if it's Pudge.

Feb 13: I would still be very surprised if this happens...

Feb 16: The Marlins and Astros are at their budget (obviously), while Pudge is looking for $3 million. I guess that takes the Astros out of it.

Feb 23: ...unless Pudge comes down to League Minimum, it ain't happening and the Astros will gamble on Quintero and Palmisano paying off.

Mar 13: Did you ever have a friend who smelled bad? But they didn't realize they smelled bad? That's how I feel the sports media is treating the Astros regarding the position that sits behind home plate...

Mar 14: I do wonder if the rest of the Astros' anemic showing so far this spring is what's causing this rumor to simply not die. If everyone else was killing the ball, maybe the Astros would be content to let it ride.

Consistent to the end.

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