Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There are third basemen available, but I was right...kind of

Apparently shortly after Aaron Boone's press conference, some opportunistic GM called Easy Eddie saying they had a 3B available.

"The kid is going to play, and so is Blum," Cecil Cooper said. "The same two guys are going to continue to play, Blum and Johnson. We'll see what they do."

Although this will not be a platoon situation

Before we get any Letters to The Constable asking what a pudge is, or who the kid is, the kid is Chris Johnson.

In fact, let's break down everybody's nickname, as seen on Astros County:
Run-DMc: Drayton McLane
Easy Eddie: Ed Wade
Miggs: Miguel Tejada
Line Drive of Love: Jason Michaels
The Kid: Chris Johnson
P-ez (pronounced "Pez"): Pudge Rodriguez, because he is an abbreviation of his former self.

"If we think there's a need at the end (of camp), there's going to be guys available," Wade said. "I got a call today from a club that's got a guy that they want to make available so if we have the need. We know what Blum's capable of doing and we like what CJ's shown so far. We'll let them play and see what happens."

Meat Wagon: Hunter Pence will be held in a limited role because of what is now considered a strained calf, not a jacked-up knee. He should be ready by the weekend.

And now that the USA dropped Puerto Rico like 3rd period French, P-ez should be taking his physical anytime now, and joining the Astros in camp.