Thursday, March 5, 2009

So how's this catching thing going?

Looking at some Spring Training statistics, which are meaningless until I want them to have meaning, I was curious: Who is making a name for themselves out of our plethora of catchers?

So far...(BA/OBP/SLG)

Quintero: 0x9, 1K. .000/.000/.000
Palmisano: 0x5. .000/.000/.000
Towles: 1x6, 1BB, 2Ks. .167/.167/.286
Santangelo: 0x1, 1BB. .000/.500/.000
Castro: 1x3, 1K. .333/.333/.333

Maybe I shouldn't have been so curious...


TJ Vetrone said...

wow, I just started thinking about this. Was going to do this in my next blog. Do you mind if I reference your analysis in it? It's a rather new one but I would greatly appreciate it.

As far as what to make of the plethora of catchers, I feel that it's still a little early to tell but Towles is clearly the lead with Castro close behind. I would say Q is ahead as they have given him the backstop duties more than the rest but he can't seem to hit a wiffle ball off a tee with a big red bat at the moment.

The Constable. said...

TJ - no problem! Give me the link once you post it and I'll link to it.

As far as the catchers go, I think Palmisano has shown enough to this point (and that's a big qualifier) to warrant a spot on the 25-man roster, at least in a backup/spot-starting role.

So the question is: what do you do with everyone else? Castro probably could use some everyday work. Where would he find that? Round Rock? Whoever doesn't become C1, presuming Palmisano (who would go back to the Orioles, along with $25,000 if he doesn't make the ODR) isn't C2, would go to Round Rock. That includes Towles or Quintero. Does that mean Castro goes to Corpus? Probably so.

I'm a healthy fan of competition, but Easy Eddie may have painted himself into a windowless, ladderless corner.

Nevertheless, I think your Opening Day catching situation will be Quintero (for his experience) and Palmisano (for the future). Towles goes to Round Rock with a voodoo doll of Quintero, and Castro hangs out in Corpus and Round Rock for 2009.

Of course if Q goes 0-for-Spring, and Towles shows some development, maybe Quintero gets traded.

TJ Vetrone said...

I think Palmisano may get overlooked by the O's but they just lost Wieters for a little while (can't remember the length of time off the top of my head) but, who knows thus far as to the seriousness of his injury and it probably won't matter either way as he is still a kid and ole' vet Zaun is there already. I do think that will play a role into the Astros brain trust way of thinking (will he clear or weill he not?).

In MY opinion, I feel that they want to hold onto Towles and drop Q, who WILL end up going 0-Spring. My initial feeling in the Rule 5 was that when we picked up Palmisano, that Q was going to get traded as Towles was touted as the C of the future. The only debatable issue to that is that Q has the most experience of any of the guys by light years.

Maybe the question we are not throwing back and forth is who does Roy O want to throw the ball to in the end?

BTW, I liked the Voodoo doll thing, made me laugh, it's probably true.

TJ Vetrone said...

It's posted. BTW, I retract my statement on Weiters being hurt, although I could have sworn I saw a report on him being hurt. Crazy day!