Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Old Astros News...

Former Astros Moises Alou is likely to retire. The question I immediately asked was: Wait, Moises Alou hadn't retired yet?

Alou was a six-time All-Star.
Two-time Silver Slugger.
Finished in the top five in MVP voting twice.
332 homers and 1287 RBI.
2134 hits.
Never struck out more than 87 times in a season.

And with a line like .303/.369/.516, it's not out of the realm of possibility - though none of the Hall of Fame standards formulas place him in the Hall of Fame - should he get consideration?

Would you put him in the Hall of Fame? If he were to be elected, which logo would he wear? Of his 17 seasons, he spent 5+ with Montreal, 3 with Houston, 3 with the C**s, 2 with the Giants, 2 with the Mets, 1 with Florida, and two games with Pittsburgh (which I'm sure felt like an eternity. Though it was 1990, so it probably wasn't too bad.)