Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Old Astros News...

Former Astros Moises Alou is likely to retire. The question I immediately asked was: Wait, Moises Alou hadn't retired yet?

Alou was a six-time All-Star.
Two-time Silver Slugger.
Finished in the top five in MVP voting twice.
332 homers and 1287 RBI.
2134 hits.
Never struck out more than 87 times in a season.

And with a line like .303/.369/.516, it's not out of the realm of possibility - though none of the Hall of Fame standards formulas place him in the Hall of Fame - should he get consideration?

Would you put him in the Hall of Fame? If he were to be elected, which logo would he wear? Of his 17 seasons, he spent 5+ with Montreal, 3 with Houston, 3 with the C**s, 2 with the Giants, 2 with the Mets, 1 with Florida, and two games with Pittsburgh (which I'm sure felt like an eternity. Though it was 1990, so it probably wasn't too bad.)


TJ Vetrone said...

If he retires as a Cub, do you think they will put a picture of Steve Bartman that robbed them of the playoff game against the Marlins in the background?

My feelings with who you retire wearing is whoever you your longest tenure was with. Just me. If he wore a Expos jersey he would be in a group of Gary Carter (C), Tony Perez (1B), Frank Robinson (First African American manager, think this was when they were the Montreal Royals?) and Dick Williams (Former Manager)

Just a tid bit of info for you fellas.

TJ Vetrone said...

additionally, If he retired an Astro, he would be the first to actually wear the uni' into the HoF.

The Constable. said...

He accomplished quite a bit with the Astros, which is where I think your HOF logo lies: the team with which you accomplish the most. Of course, if you do a whole lot with a team in three years, but you spend ten years with a different team, it goes to tenure.

I also happen to know - by chance - that the Hall of Fame gets to choose the logo, but the player has some input in the decision.

The Constable. said...

Oh, and, if Biggio is a first-ballot HOFer, he'll be the first Astro to wear The Star in the HOF.

The unofficial official said...

I think Biggio should be the first one to wear it. Wonder if he made that call to Alou yet?

The unofficial official said...

by the way, changed my name. don't think everyone on here needs to know my real name.