Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If this happens, we can never take Ed Wade for his word again

Alyson Footer ran her own rebuttal to Baseball Prospectus' news last night that the Astros were on the verge of signing Pedro:

The subject of that announcement continues to remain a mystery, but the Astros have confirmed two things: It has nothing to do with the pending signing of Pudge Rodriguez, and it most definitely has nothing to do with Martinez.

And this, from Easy Eddie's mouth:
"We have had zero conversations with Pedro. I have absolutely no idea where that is coming from."

As I thought with Pudge, I can't see the Astros signing Pedro. I know you can't have too much starting pitching, but Ortiz and Capellan have effectively pushed Backe out the door. Roy is SP1, Wandy SP2, Hampton SP3, Moehler SP4, and Ortiz/Capellan SP5. It would have been unfathomable to say this five years ago, but I'm not so sure Pedro could get it done. The Red Sox once again looked like geniuses by letting him go to the Mets, and "injury-plagued" is a polite way to put Pedro's medical history.

He's not going to eat as many innings as Moehler will, and I think Moehler might actually be more effective.