Thursday, March 26, 2009

Helpful clues from the Denver Post

Simply put, Jeff Baker knows how to market himself. He went 4x4 with two homers yesterday with the Rockies, yet the Denver Post is reporting that Baker is facing a roster squeeze. So the Rockies play him to enhance his trade value...

"It's hard not to think about (trades) when friends are text-ing you about it," Baker said.

The Phillies are also reportedly interested, but the Rockies may be overplaying their hand with their demands for return value. I think a little collusion might be in order here, because if the Rockies don't trade him - or at least - wait to trade him until closer to the point at which contracts become guaranteed, the Rockies may be forced to release him as opposed to paying him his money.

Scott Podsednik is also at risk of not making the team. So why don't they trade for both of them, and that way the Astros will have Podsednik and Blum - both of whom homered in the '05 WS - and then the Astros can hold a raffle to see who wants to take a crap on the hoods of their car?