Friday, March 13, 2009

The Guy From the Houston Press might want to be a little more careful in his witty comparisons

The economy is in the crapper. People are being laid off left and right. So it's not really like it should be expected that the Astros would be any better than the rest of the world - hell, I don't even think Jim Cramer could find anything good to say about the Astros, and he can find say something good to say about pretty much any organization. Drayton McLane's been pulling a Bernie Madoff-type pyramid scam on the fans for years anyway. And eventually, as Bernie can tell now us, even good pyramid scams come to an end.

Very current and "in" with the Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart reference, but comparing Run-DMc to the biggest con-man in the history of finance? That's...uh...well, look, you might not approve of the team he has on the field, but remember: you're getting pissed about the Astros not keeping Randy Wolf and Ty Wigginton. We're not talking about letting Albert Pujols walk out the door with a shopping bag.