Friday, March 13, 2009

Dude, seriously, I'm on a roll here

And speaking of Ridiculoso (a new tag), the Bleacher Report has this article.

Typical stuff: Bourn was bad last year. The rotation is a question. But there are some serious content questions in this article. Let's look:

On Brandon Backe: He gives up too many dingers (31 last year).
Small problem: He gave up 36.

On Felipe Paulino: Has injury concerns but could vault himself onto the big league staff with a good spring. His speed and plus stuff would make him a huge asset.
Small problem: Not this Spring. Has the author been watching?

On Fernando Nieve: He has great control and stuff but has never gotten to showcase it at the big league level. If he's healthy, he'll push for a spot on the roster.
Small problem: Again, I went up and checked to make sure this wasn't written in February.

On Catcher: Palmisano has been impressive and should stick as the backup, but the starting spot is in sorry shape. Humberto Quintero, who's managed to hang around the organization for several years now, is the top option. Quintero isn't much with the bat or behind the plate, but he's a serviceable catcher in the right situation. Towles, who hit so well as a 2007 call-up, is the guy Ed Wade and Cecil Cooper are hoping will surprise them in 2009. After hitting a miserable .137 last year, he's on the cusp of being sent packing his bags. If he can show some of the bat and defense that brought him up in 2007, he will be the starter when Houston breaks camp.
Small problem: What? Yeah, Towles wasn't good, but nobody has been "impressive."