Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And that's W5

8-0 over the Mets, and that's a five-game win streak. At this point, the Astros have won enough games this Spring to be considered one of the worst teams in Spring Training history. The Astros scored eight runs on twelve hits, three of them Geoff Blum's, two of them Pudge's (and one of those a homer).

Interestingly enough, I got tripped up looking at the pitching line, because an "F. Nieve" threw 2IPs and gave up a run and two walks. I started to get pissed, and then I realized: "Oh yeah. He plays for the Mets now."

Wandy threw four scoreless innings, allowing two hits and two walks with two strikeouts. Valverde, Byrdak, Brocail, Arias and Hawkins threw the other scoreless innings. Wandy's performance today means that Coop is going to rush him back at some point soon to line him up to start G2 against the Cubs, pushing Hampton back to SP3.

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