Monday, March 16, 2009

And now a word from the Resident Contrarian

It took a while, but McTaggart weighs in:

An excerpt:
Great, the Astros got even older with the apparent signing of Ivan Rodriguez. I'm sure this is making you fans pretty darn jolly. You guys have been pleading for the signing of Pudge and Pedro Martinez for weeks. Haven't you seen enough of old catchers and pitchers the last few years? Even Brad Ausmus would think Pudge is washed up.

In 96 at-bats with the Yankees in 2008, Pudge hit .219 with two homers and three RBIs. The only reason I know this is because Astros general manager Ed Wade was pointing out these same stats the other day when asked why his club wasn't interested in Pudge. He also said the Astros have faith in their young catchers. So one of those things have happened:

1. The Astros no longer have faith in their young catchers.

2. Drayton McLane was tired of hearing fans demand he sign Pudge and he finally told Wade to do it, unaware of Pudge's putrid numbers with the Yankees.

Whatever the case, I agree that Pudge should be an upgrade at catcher over whichever player was going to hold down the starting job. The problem is the Astros, like any team, are only going to go as far as pitching will take them. Pudge might mean a few extra wins here for a mediocre team, but I don't seem them catching the Cubs in the NL Central or the NY Mets or Philadelphia Phillies for the wild card.