Friday, February 13, 2009

Man, this Pudge-to-Houston thing is getting a little traction

I would still be very surprised if this happens, but Tony Paul of the Detroit Free-Press is saying:

What about Pudge?
Another possible landing spot for ex-Tiger Pudge Rodriguez is Houston, where it's a four-man race (with no clear favorite) for the starting catching job.

Here's the kicker that makes Rodriguez, at age 37, a seemingly good fit: The club probably only needs a one-year stop-gap until Jason Castro, 21 -- the 10th overall pick in last summer's draft -- is ready for the majors.

But like the Marlins, the other team Rodriguez has been linked to, the Astros, have little cash with which to play with, making it almost inevitable the future Hall of Famer is in for a pay cut of at least $11 million if he's to avoid early retirement.