Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lance leads first basemen in, wait, stolen bases?

Got a comment on the Bud Norris post linking to More Hardball breaking down the stolen base leaders by position in 2008.

Might you believe that Lance led first basemen in stolen bases last year with 18 (and only caught stealing four times)? And not even close - by, like, 10 stolen bases.

Here's how the 1Bs broke down:
1. Lance (18)
2. Derrek Lee (8)
3. Albert Pujols (7)
3. James Loney (7)
3. Joey Votto (7)
6. Miguel Cairo (5)

And then a bunch of guys who probably got the signals mixed up and just started running hard.

I don't know why, but that really surprised me. And you?

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Rob S said...

He does like to joke around that the Astros keep him around for his speed and defensive prowess. I guess he can really back that up now