Thursday, February 5, 2009

Isn't this whole season a Plan B?

Got a question from faithful Citizen Spruce:

"What's the back-up plan if Tejada just tanks this year?"

Great question. I think if Tejada completely and utterly nuts it this year, you have to go to your minor-league system and fill from within. No one is going to trade a young player for Miguel Tejada in a contract year. It's one thing to trade for him with a few years left (thank you, Easy Eddie), but to give up a young guy for Tejada and then have him leave for (a) jail or (b) free agency would be inexcusable.

If Tejada gets hurt or plays terribly, I think you're looking at Tom Manzella or Edwin Maysonet as an alternative. Blum has played a few games at shortstop, but Tejada would have to be hitting in the Everetts for Blum to be an upgrade. On ESPN's Astros page Blum is the 2nd-string shortstop, but I would be surprised if a lot of Plan Bs this year weren't call-ups.