Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'd sue the Tigers, too

In an article in the Southeast Texas Record today, Steve Korris writes the Supreme Court of Texas denied a review of an appeal from the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston. So what? you say. Well, the plaintiff was Doug Brocail and the defendant is the Detroit Tigers American League Baseball Club.

It's an excellent article, and here's a recap:
June 2000, Brocail's arm started hurting, so he gets it checked out a few times. December 2000, Brocail is traded to the Astros. April 2001, Brocail hears a pop and he's out for the season (to the tune of a $2 million payday by the Astros). Brocail didn't sign with a team in 2002 and he sues the Tigers for negligence, fraud and breach of contract. He doesn't play in '03, either.

Then there's a bunch of legal stuff that I cannot do justice to (ha ha), only reaffirming that I made the right decision in not trying to be Jerry Maguire. However, I don't imagine claiming the Tigers ruined your career, then spending five years playing in the Majors after your career has been ruined translates to a "strong" legal position.

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