Monday, February 9, 2009

Easy Eddie: "If we had money, we'd sign a pitcher. Not a donkey."

Or something like that. Ed Wade denied Phil Rogers' "whispers" that the Astros could be planning a sneak attack on Adam Dunn, cryogenically freezing him in an Astros jersey and hoping he warms up by April 5.

But this is the actual quote:
"It was never an item of discussion for us. And even if we had greater resources available, we would have continued to be working the starting pitching market."

So three things here: (1) Signing a guy who hits 40+ homers each year never even came up in conversation. I understand the logistics of signing Dunn and the what-are-you-giving-up-defensively question, but at least throw it against the wall. (2) Don't go thinking the Astros have any money left. In fact, please go to your nearest Academy and buy a "Lidge 54" shirt (they're cheap now) so they can pay the clubbie. (3) The rotation obviously stinks, and Easy Eddie knows this. But why reach for the stars when you can settle?

And concerning Bourn: "We have MVP-caliber players in left field and at first base, and we think Michael Bourn deserves the opportunity to play on an everyday basis [in center field]."

Wade also preemptively broke up with Bobby Abreu (even though signing 1990s-era Astros seems to be the fashion):

Wade said he also spoke recently with agent Peter Greenberg and informed him that the Astros are not a candidate to sign Abreu. Wade was general manager in Philadelphia when Abreu was an All-Star right fielder for the Phillies.