Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Puma...maaaaaad!

February 17...February 19...what's the difference?

"On one hand, it's Carlos," Berkman said. "That's just the way he is. He's a great teammate, we love having him in here and obviously he's a tremendous RBI guy. He and myself and Miggy [Tejada] and maybe a couple other guys, we're going to be looked [upon] to carry the load. I think it's a good example for the young guys and everybody else to be here when everybody gets here."

Then this:
No one had heard from Lee regarding his absence until later in the day Tuesday, when club officials brought it to the outfielder's attention that he was supposed to be in Kissimmee. Lee apparently had the report date confused, as he conveyed in a statement released by the club.

Can you imagine that conversation? Shawn Chacon is one guy, but imagine Carlos Lee getting mad at Ed Wade? I can see Easy Eddie standing there watching some intern with the phone telling Lee he was supposed to have been in camp today, chewing on his nails. Sweating profusely, I bet. And then here's Lee's response:

"I'm very remorseful. I got confused with the start date. I made a mistake and will assume responsibility. I'll be there first thing in the morning Thursday to work out and I'm excited about getting going again."

So it's "Oh. Tuesday? I'll be there first thing Thursday morning..." Who would win a fight between Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman? Let's keep on this, shall we?


Aaron said...

Have you ever seen a puma fight? Please. It'd be over for the horse.

The Constable. said...

Good call. I'll also choose Lance - though a fight between the two, ahem, rotunder members of the Astros would be awesome.

Spruce said...

Can Ex-Astro Tony Eusebio be the special guest referee?

By the way, I think Carlos would have the edge. Not sure why, just playing a hunch.