Friday, January 9, 2009

Richard Justice thinks Alyson Footer is spot on.

In an entertaining fashion, Richard Justice talked about Andy Pettitte in his blog today. It's worth a read if you're killing time at work (which, judging from the stats of your humble, greatest Astros blog ever, that's what you do). However, in the comments section, RJ comes up with the chances of the Astros re-signing Andy Pettitte and keeping the Carousel of Hurt Feelings open for one more season...

"My guess is slim and none. Drayton isn't going to take on more payroll, and Andy's price is too high. Also, Andy's heart is with the Yankees. Randy Wolf and Derek Lowe might be better options than Andy. And Drayton has said the Astros are done spending. If a bargain came along, Ed Wade might be able to talk him into it."

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