Wednesday, January 28, 2009 talks to Bagwell

Pretty good interview with Bagwell on with Alyson Footer. Here are some highlights:

On Bud Norris' (who AF says will compete for a bullpen job) hype: He should be getting the hype. He's got a chance to really help us. I'm hoping he has a great Spring Training and can help us this year. He's got an above-average fastball and an above-average breaking ball. It's a fun to watch him. He's got a good presence out there.

On the farm system: Not every kid can just be rushed to the big leagues. Usually, the kids who can be rushed are the first 10 picks in the Draft, and they're above everybody else talent-wise. Well, the Astros have been winning for so long, we don't get those high picks. We get the 25th or the 23rd pick, and some years, we haven't even had a first-round pick. So it's been hard for us to get those types of guys.

On Brian Bogusevic: He's got a nice eye at the plate, he's got a good approach, he runs real well.

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