Monday, January 26, 2009

The Biz of Baseball and I have similar ideas

In an excellent article arguing against a salary cap in baseball - though 3 out of 6 NL Central owners favor it - the Biz of Baseball and I share some thoughts. Notably the closing one:

What the whiners fail to acknowledge is that parity in MLB doesn’t take a backseat to any league, including the NFL. In the last eight years, 13 different MLB teams have played in the World Series – the Yankees only twice and they lost both times - compared to 12 different NFL teams that played in the Super Bowl.

A salary cap in MLB is merely a pipe dream. It’s also a convenient crutch for incompetence on the part of team management. If the Pirates had drafted as well as Tampa Bay over the past 12 years, they - not the Phillies - would have played the Rays in last year’s World Series. Now that’s something for Coonelly to focus on.

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