Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What the Teixeira deal means for Lance Berkman

All Major League first basemen should have a Christmas card out to Mark Teixeira and Scott Boras today. Because the next time their contracts are up - they all get to point to Mark Teixeira with their pockets out and say "What about him?"

Which got me thinking about your friend and mine, Lance Berkman. His current 6-year, $85 million deal expires - presuming the Astros exercise the club option in 2011 - in 2012. Berkman will be 36.

Mark Teixeira is 28. So I started wondering, since the Yankees just paid double what the Astros pay for Berkman, how the switch-hitting first basemen compare through age 28. Both broke in when they were 23 (Berkman, for only 34 games) - so we'll take their first six full seasons. In Berkman's case we're talking about 2000-2005. In Teixeira's we're obviously taking 2003-2008.

Berkman: 873
Teixeira: 904

Berkman: 3058
Teixeira: 3414

Berkman: 929
Teixeira: 989

Berkman: .304
Teixeira: .290

Berkman: 227
Teixeira: 223

Home Runs
Berkman: 176
Teixeira: 203

Berkman: 602
Teixeira: 676

Berkman: 593
Teixeira: 694

Berkman: .562
Teixeira: .541

Too hard to determine right now.

Well that's very interesting. Berkman was a three-time All-Star in his first six seasons; Teixeira? One. Top ten in MVP voting? Berkman - three. Teixeira? One. Did the Yankees overpay? Uhhhh....don't they always?

Let's just be happy that Lance will be 36 when he's renegotiating...