Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Might the Astros sign Andy Pettitte now?

Buster Olney - on whom I have a man-crush - is reporting one surprising Loser in the Teixeira signing is Andy Pettitte. Do you wonder if the Yankees have buyer's remorse the morning after?

The Yankees might now re-evaluate their one-year, $10 million offer to Andy Pettitte. This is the automotive equivalent of buying a Jaguar and getting cloth seats. You've already spent $60,000 on a car - spend the extra $1,000 and get the leather seats!

We all know Andy is one to get his feelings hurt (regard his bolting Houston for the Bronx two days after the Astros inquired about Jon Garland). So no doubt this isn't sitting well in Deer Park. Could the Astros swoop in and be the rebound girl for Andy? You know, the one who isn't as pretty, but she'll...well, you know.

But here's what I don't get: there's no reason to think the Yankees have won the World Series. Ask the Rangers, who paid $252 million for A-Rod, and then didn't win. Ask the 2001-2008 Yankees, who have accomplished two goals: (1) Jack. (2) Crap. They've had the highest payroll in the Majors all of those years, yet have done absolutely nothing. Are the Yankees better than they were last year? Of course. But they were a third-place team last year. Their rotation is better for two days out of five, that's it. Adding Burnett might off-set the loss of Mussina. Of course Teixeira is better than Giambi, but he didn't exactly set off fireworks for the Angels in the playoffs, did he (well, he did hit .467)? And who did the Angels lose to? The Red Sox! Dammit, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

The Nationals should thank God that Scott Boras did what Scott Boras does - and that's eat the soul of baseball for breakfast. Because he saved them from a fate that Texas is only just now recovering from: overpaying for 11% of a lineup.

Stop overreacting! For the love of God it's Christmas! How good will it feel when the Rays are better than the Yankees AGAIN? In a small sample set, Teixeira was 0-for-4 against Boston in the regular season. Against Tampa Bay, he was 1-for-9. And don't you think the Rays have upgraded with David Price in the rotation, or at least pitching in 75 games in '09. Have some perspective! Those unproven, young guys in St. Petersburg? They now have experience and are proven. Stop handing the Yankees the trophy, because remember: the Astros have won more post-season games than the Yankees since 2004.

But as I was saying, might Andy mope back to Houston? It's worth a shot...