Monday, December 15, 2008

Wait, one more

So there's a report from Alyson Footer that the Astros are starting to realize they just let 23 homers and a .285 average off third base, while in return getting absolutely nothing. Three possibilities she mentions, she then immediately dismisses (Wigginton, Ensberg, Crede), so you wonder if there is a word-count requirement in those Hot Stove blogs.

Pablo "Don't Call Me Jumbo" Ozuna and Chris Gomez. Footer likes Gomez, citing:

Gomez could be an attractive option. The 37-year-old veteran of 16 Major League seasons played in 90 games in 2008 for the Pirates, batting .273 with eight doubles and 20 RBIs in a backup role. He also earned only $1 million, which suggests he may be affordable for a team like the Astros, who are attempting to fill out their roster under extremely frugal guidelines.

I think those "extremely frugal guidelines" fall under Pony League rules, or Will Play for Chewing Gum signs out on Crawford Street. However, Ozuna is versatile. Says Footer:

Ozuna, 34, played in 68 games in 2008, 32 for the White Sox and 36 for the Dodgers. He hit .260 overall, knocking three homers and driving in 45 runs. He also falls into the versatility category, having played 77 career games at second, 75 at third and 23 at short. He also has played in 63 games in the outfield. Ozuna earned $1.25 million in '08.

Who do you like? Can we please just promote Chris Johnson?

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Rob S (I dont like the Base anymore) said...

Ozuna if I had to pick between the two. Then again, I know nothing of these guys other than what you mentioned and too lazy to research this morning. Do you know anything about their defense?

Im all for seeing if Johnson can do it, but we still need some sort of backup plan just in case he's another Towles. With our starting rotation, and the players we have, we can't afford to gamble to much if we are still in the so called "competitive" circle...trying hard not to roll my eyes.