Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank God I got my internet access back today!

Numerous reports have the Twins and Indians both interested in Miguel Tejada, though the Twins have rescinded their interest (probably because Tejada just aged another six years after Erin Andrews ran up and squeezed his bicep - a la Alfonso Soriano.

The Yahoo report suggests the Indians could possibly move Tejada to third base. However, should Alyson Footer's report that interest in Wigginton "appears to be abundant", you have to wonder if the Astros have thought about filling the hole at third base with...Tejada. If the Indians have thought of that, surely - surely - the Astros have, too? Surely?

Here's the thing. Any team taking Tejada would require the Astros to pay most of his $13 meellioon. So the question is, if the Astros can get some of the arms in the Twins' or Indians' system (or even an option at shortstop), is it worth picking up $7 or $8 of those millions of dollars for young guys? They certainly look like they're willing to take chances on young arms (see: Lumsden, Tyler and Fulchino, Jeff), so I could see this happening.

Or they could trade Wigginton to...somewhere and move Tejada to third and Drew Sutton to short - or some other young guy to fill that hole. Who knows. There's a lot of Winter Meeting-Happy Time left...