Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So did Roy Oswalt just save 2009?

Brandon Backe doesn't think so. Jose de Jesus Ortiz is reporting that Roy Oswalt is willing to restructure his contract and backload money so the Astros have the what-what to get another starter. Even Roy doesn't like the idea of Mike Hampton pitching the day after him.

JJO says the rotation stands like this: Oswalt, Wandy Rodriguez, Mike Hampton and Brian Moehler would lead the starting rotation along with Brandon Backe. I don't necessarily agree, thought it doesn't really matter. I'd switch Hampton and Wandy. But, again, they each pitch in 20% of the games, so who cares?

Roy said this: “I got four more years to try to win something,” said the 2005 NLCS MVP. “They haven’t approached me about it, but I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Actually, I told Ed Wade that we could redo my contract if we could go out and get another starter.” Did anyone else throw up in their mouth when they realized that Roy just put a number on his remaining time?

It's mentioned that the Astros were inquiring about Randy Johnson, but his asking price scared them away, which scares me, because how much can a 45-year old pitcher with back problems really cost? If the Astros are that strapped for cash, it's not good.

Here's what Roy is owed in...
2009: $14 million
2010: $15 million
2011: $16 million
2012: $16 million (or a $2 million buy-out, or Roy can opt out of 2012 and take a reduced buy-out)

It's going to take some significant backloading to free up that kind of green and I doubt we're only talking about $1 or $2 million. Maybe that bulldozer is making Roy some side green. And remember, the Astros are already on the hook for $18.5 million in 2012 for what I'm sure will be a completely healthy, svelte Carlos Lee.

Wade dismissed the idea within the piece, but you've got to feel good about a player who, while might not be willing to make less money, is at least willing to delay his great-great-grandchildren's college fund a few years.

And Oswalt and Peavy going to country concerts in Vegas? Wow.