Friday, November 28, 2008

Randy Wolf news

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Easy Eddie is backing off negotiations with Randy Wolf, until next week, due to payroll considerations. Easy Eddie is of the opinion that bringing back everybody from the '08 team could increase payroll to $120 million - so he's wary. Which is smart, because you don't pay $120 million for an 86-win, non-playoff team. That's like paying $25,000 for an Elantra.

With arbitration offers coming by Monday, it makes sense to see who is going to accept or decline before dealing with free agents.

Another nugget from McTaggart's article is that the Astros have "had trade negotiations with several teams." It's pretty obvious the Astros will want a cheaper option at closer and third base, as well as some catching help, as well.

Not signing Wolf will mean the Astros will have a rotation of Oswalt, Moehler...and that's everybody under contract. They'll bring Backe and Wandy back, so if they don't sign Wolf it means Easy Eddie is probably looking at putting Sampson in the rotation... What do you think?