2019 Draft

Houston's Bonus Pool Allotment: $5,355,100
Total Pool Used: $5,443,400
Total Pool Remaining: $46,700
Total Pool Remaining Without Losing A Pick: $414,455
Total Bonus +/- Slot Value: -$271,700

Note: Any bonus over $125,000 for players selected in Rounds 11-40 will count against the team's bonus pool

Last Updated: 8:38am CT, 7/7/19

Huge shoutout to @ItsDTrain

PickPick ValuePlayerLatest NewsSigned For+/- Value
1-32$2,257,300Korey Lee6/12: Signed$1,750,000-$507,300
2-68$953,100Grae Kessinger6/14: Signed$750,000-$203,100
3-106$549,000Jordan Brewer7/1: Signed$500,000-$49,000
4-136$410,100Colin Barber6/14: Signed$1,000,000+$589,900
5-166$306,800Hunter Brown6/12: Signed$325,000+$18,200
6-196$239,000Matthew Barefoot6/12: Signed$150,000-$89,000
7-226$188,900Blair Henley6/12: Signed$150,000-$38,900
8-256$160,300Luis Guerrero6/12: Signed$150,000-$10,300
9-286$148,400Peyton Bettenfield6/15: Signed$148,400-
10-316$142,200C.J. Stubbs6/12: Signed$85,000-$57,200
Ryan Gusto6/6: "Has decision to make"$
Garrett GayleOn Tri-City's roster$
13-406Kevin Holcomb6/14: Signed$175,000-$50,000
Derek West6/5: Will sign$
Cole McDonald6/5: Will sign$
16-496Dexter Jordan6/15: Signed$
17-526Daniel Cody6/7: Signing$
18-556Justin Campbell7/1: Still weighing options$
Tyler Krabbe6/15: Signed$
20-616Alex Palmer6/12: Signed$
21-646Davis Vainer6/10: Headed to U Arizona$
22-676Shea Barry6/15: Signed$
23-706Zach BiermannOn Tri-City's roster$
24-736Preston Pavlica6/7: "Astros org" in bio$
25-766E.P. Reese6/15: Signed$
26-796Chandler Casey6/6: Twitter bio says "Astros"$
27-826Kevin Dickey6/11: Signed$
28-856Bryan Arias6/15: Signed$
29-886Whit Drennan6/15: Signed$
30-916Michael Horrell6/15: Signed$
Peyton PlumleeCollege Senior$
32-976Oscar Carvajal
33-1006Bryan Martinez6/15: Signed$
34-1036A.J. LeeOn Tri-City's roster$
35-1066James Nix7/7: Signed$250,000$+125,000
36-1096Chandler Murphy6/19: Headed to Arizona$
37-1126Max Dias6/5: Going to Univ New Orleans$
38-1156J.C. Correa6/8: Going back to Lamar$
39-1186Brock Rudy6/5: Going to Utah$
40-1216Dillon Plew