Saturday, October 14, 2023

Saturday Morning Hot Links

One more sleep, and then it's Gameday. 

Astros Hitters vs Rangers Pitchers:

Chas McCormick: 10 Games, .438/.500/.938, 3HR/15RBI, 8K:4BB

Jose Altuve: 8 Games, .286/.342/.886, 7HR/8RBI, 7K:2BB

Kyle Tucker: 13 Games, .400/.571/.650, 3HR/7RBI, 2K:15BB

Yordan Alvarez: 7 Games, .308/.471/.731, 3HR/8RBI, 6K:7BB

Alex Bregman: 13 Games, .314/.407/.451, 1HR/7RBI, 6K:7BB

Jeremy Pena: 9 Games, .325/.357/.425, 0HR/4RBI, 7K:1BB

Martin Maldonado, 11 Games, .222/.282/611, 4HR/6RBI, 15K:3BB

Mauricio Dubon: 13 Games, .264/.291/434, 2HR/6RBI, 5K:2BB

Jose Abreu: 13 Games, .231/.298/.462, 3HR/17RBI, 8K:5BB

Yainer Diaz: 9 Games, .206/.194/.471, 3HR/9RBI, 9K:0BB

Ramgers Hitters vs Astros Pitchers:

Marcus Semien: 13 Games, .431/.508/.706, 4HR/12RBI, 5K:7BB

Mitch Garver: 7 Games, .350/.480/.650, 2HR/5RBI, 5K:5BB

Corey Seager: 7 Games, .346/.379/.654, 2HR/5RBI, 6K:2BB

Travis Jankowski: 12 Games, .361/.395/.528, 1HR/7RBI, 6K:2BB

Josh Jung: 10 Games, .279/.295/.465, 2HR/5RBI, 19K:1BB

Jonah Heim: 13 Games, .279/.313/.419, 1HR/4RBI, 8K:7BB

Nathaniel Lowe: 13 Games, .231/.333/.404, 2HR/9RBI, 9K:7BB

Leody Taveras: 13 Games, .286/.308/.408, 1HR/9RBI, 10K:2BB

Adolis Garcia: 12 Games, .188/.200/.438, 3HR/10RBI, 13K:1BB

Ezequiel Duran: 8 Games, .091/.143/.091, 0HR/0RBI, 12K:2BB

* Four keys for the Astros and Rangers to take the ALCS.

*Dusty vs. Bochy.

*Evan Grant: This is a different Rangers team than the one the Astros beat the dog piss out of in September.

*Max Scherzer is apparently "ready to go." Oooooooo.

*How "aggressive discipline" keeps Corey Seager elite. It would be pretty bad ass to keep Corey Seager from winning a World Series for a second time. Seager, 2017 World Series: .222/.290/.370, 1HR/4RBI, 9K:3BB.

*Six trends that have marked the 2023 postseason.

*MLBTR: Seattle Mariners Offseason Outlook.

*Made a quiz: Name the 86 players who won a World Series ring in 2017 and/or 2022.

*What To Watch, October 14:

2pm Central: USA v Germany

2:30pm: Oregon @ Washington

2:30pm: Texas A&M @ Tennessee

6pm: Chicago @ Montreal

6:30pm: USC @ Notre Dame

7:30pm: Mexico v Ghana

*A Musical Selection: