Thursday, August 31, 2023

Thursday Morning Hot Links

The Astros completed their first sweep of the Red Sox at Fenway in franchise history. The Mariners won (and, honestly, Oakland - complete with 95 wins before September even starts - was "impressive" "enough" to get one from Seattle this series) and the Rangers choked up a lead against the Mets and lost, putting the Astros "tied" with Seattle for 1st, and settling into 3rd place. 

AL West:
Seattle (76-57): -
Houston (77-58): -
Euless (75-58): -1.0

Remember that, in the event of a tie between Seattle and Houston, Seattle gets the nod due to head-to-head record. 

*AL West Odds, August 30:
Houston: 48.6%
Seattle: 29.6%
Euless: 21.7%

AL West Odds, August 31:
Houston: 53.7%
Seattle: 31.4%
Euless: 14.9%

*Houston won their fifth straight game, and are 17-11 in August, 7-3 in their last ten. The 17 August wins tie May's record for most wins in a calendar month in 2023. Since July 1:

Seattle: 38-15
Baltimore: 35-18
Houston: 32-11

*Houston is now 36-40 against Boston in the regular season, 26-14 since the beginning of the 2017 season. 

*Somehow the entire AL West is off today/tonight - there are only four (4) baseball games being played today. Julio Rodriguez missed his second straight game with a sore left foot.

*Houston Chronicle: With Michael Brantley back, the lineup looks whole again.

*The Astros set a record for most hits in a five-game span. 

*Ryan Pressly: "We're built to win championships."

*Justin Verlander will start the series against the Yankees tomorrow, which lines him up to start the last game of the Rangers series next week.

*Speaking of, happy 6th anniversary to this poorly-aged tweet, which came in between when it was announced that Justin Verlander had been traded to Houston but it was rumored that he had rejected the trade. Go back and re-live past trauma with this deep dive on Hurricane Harvey, Justin Verlander, and the 2017 postseason.

*I don't know how I came across this, but have you seen Former Astros Great's Jordan Lyles' 2023 season

*What to watch today:

7:00pm: Florida at Utah
9:10pm: Braves at Dodgers

*There are no good foods, or bad foods. Only tacos.

*The English Transfer Deadline is tomorow (Friday) at 5pm Central. 

*A Musical Selection: