Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros had their first day off in 17 days yesterday. It was great. 

*Chandler Rome: How an offseason hospitalization led to a new outlook for hitting coach Alex Cintron.

*Breathin' Orange Fire: How should we approach losses in the middle of a division race?

*Spencer Arrighetti has a new nickname.

*The Masked Marvel is back! Here he is revisiting the Astros' 2003 Yankee Stadium no-hitter.

*Oakland fans are having a Reverse Boycott during tonight's game against Tampa. 

*Miami's Luis Arraez is chasing .400...all over the ballpark.

*Playoff Odds Check:

FanGraphs: 38.1% to win the division (Northeast Kennedale is at 44.6%), 69% to make the postseason.

Baseball-Reference: 53.3% to win the division, 88.3% to make the postseason.

*NASA's Apollo 11 Moon Quarantine broke down.

*Wrexham are planning a game in Philadelphia this summer.

*What brands are actually behind Trader Joe's snacks?

*A Musical Selection: