Friday, December 4, 2020

Saturday Morning Hot Links

SATURDAY IS LEEDS VS THE BASTARD FRANK LAMPARD AND HIS BAND OF CHELSEA ROGUES AT 2PM. FiveThirtyEight gives Leeds United a 29% chance of getting a single point out of the game, so I'm looking forward to Nate Silver's algorithm eating a whole pile of crap.

*Brian McTaggart posted some thoughts as the off-season seems to look like it's about to pick up some speed. He has some notes about the bullpen, the outfield, and Josh Reddick.

*22-year old Hunter Brown, the Astros' 5th Round pick in 2019, is one prospect who says the Astros could trade:

He can reach 98mph, maintain mid-90s velocity deep into games and he unveiled a wipeout curveball during instructional league.

*Jake Kaplan has his Mailbag, Part Two on the Astros' future catching situation and the bullpen.

*ESPN's Dan Szymborski says the Astros should sign Masahiro Tanaka, and I don't disagree with the idea.

*Former Astros Great Ronald Torreyes has signed a minor-league deal with the Phillies.

*The Athletic's Jen McCaffrey: How FanGraphs catapulted from a super-nerd site to the baseball mainstream.

*FiveThirtyEight: Who is the most chaotic movie football coach?

*Friday was December 4th, also known as Jay-Z's birthday. If you have not come into contact with Danger Mouse's (half of Broken Bells, the other half being the lead singer of The Shins) Grey Album - in which he mashes up the instrumentals from The Beatles' White Album with the vocals from Jay-Z's Black Album, then I'm about to do you a favor.

*GQ: The best things about the worst year ever.

*A Musical Selection: