Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*Allow me to pull the curtain back a bit on this here Web Site. Baseball, as you may have noticed, is played predominantly in the Night Time. The writers who are at the game must wait until that game is over to write down what happened. Then, Mr. County wakes up at what can only be described as Stupid Early to read through all of the recaps and post them on here before you sit down at work. He's done this for ten years. He's a fool. I, on the other hand, do things like Sleep and Eat Breakfast and then get started on these when I feel like it, which today is 8 am – an extremely reasonable time, if I do say so myself.

*If you watched the first inning last night, you probably thought it was about as sloppy as anyone could play baseball – a HBP, stolen base, walk, and a wild pitch. Then the tenth inning happened and you remembered what it felt like to watch the 2011 Astros again – a balk and two errors led to two runs on no hits and an Astros loss, 6-5.

*Framber Valdez really settled in after that first inning and went deep (pitching, not dinger-ing) in yet another game. He has thrown a team-high 45 1/3 innings this year. 

*The Astros played for just the third time in nine days. It showed. 

*Jose Altuve had three hits, but you would have known that before the game even started if you follow us on Twitter.

*Cristian Javier takes the mound for the first time in seven days tonight. Greinke will start Thursday, followed by McCullers. 

*Corpus Christi has been reopened as the Astros Alternate Site following a positive COVID test.

*The Houston Chronicle paid me American Money to write words for them. Having lived my entire life in Houston, this was quite the honor. I wrote about the juxtaposition of emotions Astros fans are going through this season. They chose the headline "The Pride and Shame of Astros Fandom" which is way better than my suggestion of "Asterisk Shrugged."