Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday Morning Hot Links

The Astros, mercifully, did not play last night. The Astros are 22-23. They have scored 226 runs, an average of 5.02 runs/game - good enough for 2nd in the AL! But! In their last nine games (1-8), the Astros have scored 35 runs - 3.89 runs/game with a .648 OPS. This is God-awful and I hope they figure it out.

*Oakland played Arlington last night and won 10-6. Hey whaddayaknow Mike Fiers pitched for Oakland, having somehow missed a five-game series with the Astros. Oakland is now 28-15. Let's say the A's go 9-8 down the stretch. The Astros would have to go 15-0 just to tie them. Houston is the only team in MLB with a positive run differential and a sub-.500 record. 

*Jake Kaplan: Making sense of the sub-.500 Astros. Just print a tombstone graphic or something.

*Make sure you check out McTaggart's Inbox.

*In Sam Miller's MLB's 100 Most Entertaining Players, Jose Altuve ranks below two dudes I've never heard of, both of whom are named "Dylan." On the list: (49) Alex Bregman, (51) Carlos Correa, (93) Jose Altuve, (99) Kyle Tucker. I have Opinions.

*There's another Hurricane Laura Relief Drive at Minute Maid today from 8am-1pm.

*The Athletic's Jayson Stark: "There might be a family secret." Make sure you read this incredible piece that features Former Astros Great Turk Farrell.

*MLB's postseason bubble plan has been approved, and awaits MLBPA approval.

*Never forget that Joe Kelly is a PAB.

*Make sure you check out Raheel's interview on the No Layups podcast with Owen Daniels on the subject of mental health. I have struggled - and am currently struggling with - depression. I do not know what the clock looks like after 10pm, but I wake up no later than 4am. The universe lets me sleep for six hours, and that's freaking it. This podcast was extremely well done, and I appreciate both Raheel and Owen for speaking so candidly about a subject that a lot of people want to pretend doesn't exist.

*The Rays made history last night by playing nine lefties against the Red Sox.

*An oral history of The Onion's 9/11 Issue.

*A Nashville community rallied around a formerly-homeless Kroger employee.

*Here are pictures of the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography award finalists.

*Vice: Jason Weems died, and then made a comedy special about it.

*Outside: My week shadowing a tornado hunter in Oklahoma.

*A Musical Selection:

*Yesterday was better than today will be.