Wednesday, April 29, 2020

'Rona-Free Hot Links, Vol. 18

*The Astros had a contractual right to prevent a 2017 World Series Ring from being auctioned off, and they exercised that right, even if the proceeds were to go to COVID-19 relief.

*Bill Brown shared the favorite call of his career.

*Dodgers-loving historic Bakersfield theatre taunts the Astros on its marquee. Yeah I find it weird that the Astros teed off on Yu Darvish, whom they faced from 2013-2017.

*It's Lima Time Time, Episode 127:

*The report that the 2020 minor-league season has been canceled is apparently not true.

*Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Boston Globe, on the possibility of Sports in 2020.

*Sam Miller: Cracking the mystery of Don Mattingly's birthday.

And speaking of Sam Miller, now is probably a decent time to find some time to read one of my favorite baseball books of all-time.

*Tim Kurkjian: When baseball was played without fans.

*FanGraphs: Would Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs have been different hitters today?

*Jayson Stark: Let the players take ownership of the game, and let the billionaires make their money and get the hell out of the way.

*The 2020 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony has been postponed to 2021.

*With all apologies to AstrosFansUK, I hate Chelsea. That said, Christian Pulisic made ESPN's top 36 players under 21 list.

*How Carl Yastrzemski became the godfather of USMNT's coach Gregg Berhalter.