Sunday, March 29, 2020

'Rona-Free Hot Links, Vol. 1

You can find information and articles about the Coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic literally anywhere you look. So every day here at Astros County dawt cawm there will be a special Rona-free Hot Links. Interesting things I come across reading, book suggestions, YouTube videos, and extra musical selections to help get you through. This will be my contribution to help you get through the shut-down.

*The Ringer: The Strangest, Funniest, and Most Fascinating Baseball-Reference pages.

*The very long history of industrial espionage.

*A plucky amateur dared to question a celebrated psychological finding. He wound up blowing the whole theory wide open.

*Retroactive Review: The Fan (1996)

*Esquire: The true story behind the greatest rivalry in the history of men's competitive yoga.

*I read Ben Mezrich's Q. It's about 100 pages and it's on Kindle Unlimited, if that's something you do. It's about a pandemic that hits New York City. The Q stands for Quarantine. It's not about the current situation with which literally every single one of us is faced. It's really interesting, and Mezrich wrote Bringing Down The House, which became the movie "21."

*Vanity Fair: Inside Netflix's crazy, doomed meeting with Blockbuster.

*I think I've mentioned this before, but I've become a serious fan of Slow TV. Slow TV is exactly that: super-long footage of things, often mundane. I watched a 7-hour train ride in Norway. My wife woke up two hours in (I wake up way before her) and walked in and said, "This is lame," and then it was on for the next five hours before she declared it was "fascinating." Anyway, here you go (it really is seven hours long):

*RB Leipzig: The Bundesliga's most-hated team.

*Musical Selections:

10/10 would listen to an Arcade Fire cover of this song. Lead singer even looks like Win Butler.

Don't forget that you can get the Hot Links Playlist on Spotify - every song I've ever included on this cursed blog. It has 292 songs. Over 18.5 hours of music.