Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday Morning Hot Links

Ladies, get used to these Short Hot Links:

The Astros were shut out in the AL Gold Glove Awards. But Game 7 Hero Zack Greinke won his 6th straight NL Gold Glove at pitcher.

1B: Oakland's Matt Olson (Gurriel runner-up)
2B: Chicago's Yolmer Sanchez (Altuve runner-up)
3B: Oakland's Matt Chapman (Bregman runner-up)
RF: Boston's Mookie Betts (Reddick runner-up)

*Lance McCullers stays a good dude.

*Beyond The Box Score: The Astros are still the team of the decade.

*San Diego is going to make a run at Stephen Strasburg.

*Meet the guys promoted to fill the Rays' front office spots. They're all weird, and it's pretty cool.

*Czech out my favorite baseball fiction book.

*The Guardian: My double life as a KGB double-agent.

*The Outline: This essay is just Harry Potter for people who think comparing things to Harry Potter is stupid.

*A Musical Selection: