Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros followed the gameplan yesterday afternoon: win the Verlander and Cole starts to win the World Series. You can find the full recap of the game here.

Here are 8 key takeaways we learned from last night's game.

Jeff Nelson was also officially diagnosed with a concussion after taking a foul ball off the mask during our game.

Josh Reddick called out the mean Yankees fans in right field.

Deadspin went a wrote a whole article about how clean the Astros baserunning was on this hit-and-run.

The Astros bullpen is fortunately not messing around this October.

Mike Francesca was very not happy that Giancarlo Stanton didn't sacrifice his body to lose 4-2 or 4-3 yesterday afternoon.

Both teams are planning on a bullpen day for tomorrow (weather permitting).

Speaking of a rainout, how would this unfortunate weather sequence play into the rest of the series?

Surely the Astros bats will wake up eventually right?

Free donuts thanks to the Astros this morning! You may want to stop reading these and get driving.

Richard Justice wrote once again about Altuve's path to the MLB, and it's always a good read.

A story you may not have heard yet, however, is rookie phenom Yordan Alvarez's path to the majors and what it took for him to get to where he is.

Somebody in Texas Astro-fied his 2017 Corvette to look v rad.

Mattress Mack might actually have a gambling problem.

Craig Biggio photobombed a kid who fell asleep in the extra inning Game 2 a couple days ago.

Here is the very official 100% accurate study involving when and where to get food at MMP.

The Nats are going to the World Series. While I am happy for them, I already have a very low tolerance for this and I'm pretty sure I will handle it especially un-well starting next week.

Is this managerial free agent pool the best ever?

the Bronx Zoo has announced their new exhibit for these adorable Asian foxes called "dholes" and I want one.

You can know find directions to "Joker Stairs" via Google Maps.