Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday Morning Hot Links

The regular season is over, and great things have happened in it. Time has flown by, and the main event is here. But first, here's the recap the final regular season game.

So the Astros, am I right folks? They are pretty good. In fact, the favorite to win this whole thing.

MLB also posted the top 50 players in the playoffs. The Astros have 8 of them. Not bad imo.

ESPN did a roundtable discussion about some popular October questions, where they talked about who is under the most pressure, the favorites, the surprises, and everything in between.

Tickets sold quick for the ALDS. How much are they now, and when will they be playing?

It's official, the only team to sweep the Astros this year was the Reds. So when they ask who swept the 2019 World Series champions you can win that question on bar trivia night.

What's been your favorite moment from the regular season 2019?

Ryan Pressly is back baby.

Bryan Abreu may sneak onto this postseason roster if Hinch has anything to say about it.

Is this the best team Luhnow has ever constructed? Probably.

It was announced that Geoff Blum and Todd Kalas were extended through the year 2021, which is good news if you enjoy them.

Josh Reddick is heating up exactly when we need him.

Gerrit Cole has been heating up for 6 months and is also exactly where we want him to be.

We got one last regular season mailbag. ($)

Brian Wilson looks like Tim Lincecum now and its kind of offputting.

I will never hesitate to drop a brand new article about big funny birds