Friday, August 23, 2019

The reason Reymin Guduan was suspended

So, some background here right quick. We here at Astros County don't do this kind of thing terribly often. We knew that Brad Ausmus had interviewed back in August 2012 for the managerial position that went to Bo Porter. McTaggart refuted the rumor the next day. Then we were vindicated by Ken Rosenthal about a month later. Point is, we don't Break News terribly often. That said, it was reported on August 4 that Reymin Guduan was suspended for the remainder of the season for a "disciplinary issue." Luhnow said:
[Guduan] broke our team rules and is being disciplined because of it. 

On August 10 there was a report that the suspension would go through the rest of the minor-league season, which ends at the beginning of September, but could possibly be called up once rosters expand. Luhnow indicated that the team had not decided if he would be reinstated.

So here's the situation as recounted to us by a source with knowledge of the situation and not denied by multiple relevant parties:

Dean Deetz is a little bit of a character, and talks a lot of smack. He was giving Reymin Guduan The Bidness about not being able to throw a strike. Guduan responded by throwing a shoe at Deetz and  missed (badly, apparently), to which Deetz responded "See?" That is legitimately funny. What happened next is not. Guduan picked up a bat, swung it, and hit Deetz in the head. Guduan apparently didn't get a great swing on it, but "it definitely dazed" Deetz.

Guduan was removed from the clubhouse, but came back later, this time with a knife. "He didn't do anything with it, but he stood at his locker and glared at Deetz." No one called the police, but the Astros did suspend Guduan. That, by any standard of the law, is assault. You'll notice on Round Rock's website that Dean Deetz did not pitch between July 26 and August 5, which was a span of eight games in nine days.

Whether or not that Guduan pitches with his left arm, with varying degrees of success, should qualify him for helping the Astros in September and in the playoffs is up to you.

UPDATE: There are maybe 3-4 sources who have - since this was posted, around 12pm on Friday - since let me know there is more to the story. The framework is basically the same, but there's some nuance. Will update this post when things are confirmed.