Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Appreciating Tyler "The Great" White

I wrote a potential trade targets post yesterday. As I was getting feedback from the Twitter community on potential trade targets, Tyler White came up.

Tyler White has not had a good year for the Astros. He's batting .212/.324/.330 this season. His power numbers are down. He's striking out nearly 10% more than last year. There's no hope for him. Not even his .302 BABIP can save him. After 213 PA in 2019, HE'S DONE!!! Get him off the team.

Over his last 28 days he's hit .216/.327/.381. His stats are even worse for the last 14 (.427 OPS) and 7 (.117) days. He doesn't provide any defensive value. His base running is sub par this year. His 21.60 ERA sucks. Done! Yordan Alveraz is here and he's crushing it (he could probably pitch better too).

I remember the first time I said, "who" when they mentioned Tyler White's name.

I was promptly scolded for not knowing he was a hitting beast. He was drafted in the 33rd round out of Western Carolina. In 519 minor league games he hit .305/.404/.509. In 234 major league games he's hit .239/.320/.425 with a 104 wRC+. He's been an average major league hitter for the Astros. That's not to be overlooked when you consider the Astros have to play interleague games and potentially use pinch hitters more in three or four games for the World Series.

White's out of options, which is why the Astros are hesitant to just let him go. He'll be picked up by another team and I imagine the Astros would like to avoid another JD Martinez (a 20th round pick) decision. We need to appreciate White for who he is. White isn't a starter. He's a bench player that will give you a solid at bat at the plate and could potentially be more.