Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday Morning Hot Links

*The Astros beat the Mets 8-7 yesterday. Notable:

-Verlander: 3IP, 2H/1ER, 4K:0BB
-Whitley: 3IP, 3H/5R (1ER), 2K:1BB
-Springer: 0x1, 2BB, SB
-Altuve: SB
-Fisher/Reed: HR
-Yordan Alvarez: 2B

*Alex Bregman (0x0, 2BB) had a dream that he got plunked yesterday, and then he did.

Nolan Arenado, 2018: .297/.374/.561. 18.1% K-rate / 10.8% BB-rate. 132 wRC+, 5.7 fWAR.
Alex Bregman, 2018: .286/.394/.532. 12.1% K-rate / 13.6% BB-rate. 157 wRC+, 7.6 fWAR.

Bregs gon' get paid.

*McTaggart: Justin Verlander is working on a changeup, Altuve estimates that he's 95-98%, and Whitley powered through a grand slam to throw three decent innings.

*The AP's Kristie Rieken has a story on Michael Brantley adjusting to the Astros. Brantley:
One of the best things about this locker room is when I came in, everybody was willing to help and make me feel comfortable and talk. You come in every morning, you look around and everybody's smiling and playing cards, and it's just a great atmosphere all-around that they created. 

*Danny Farquhar - who collapsed at Minute Maid Park after suffering a brain aneurysm - made his first appearance of 2019.

*Secrets of the World's Greatest Art Thief.

*A Musical Selection: