Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Morning Hot Links

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to one of the finest men to ever play the game of baseball not only as a player, but more importantly as a person. Rest in peace, Frank Robinson.

The boss man wrote an actual, non-Hot Link article here yesterday about Jose Altuve and how he stacks up with baseball's hitters. You can find that here.

It's Tags Time over at Astros dot com as the new mailbag is out and available to read.

The 2019 promotions have no rings, but we got Hugs for Homers and Reggie Fils-Aime Bobbleheads for 2019

Seriously, what's going on here? (shoutout to @1STROS on Twitter for pointing this out to me, and shoutout to me for google searching Reggie Fils-Aime and saving a picture of him onto my laptop computer and placing them side by side next to each other.)

ANYWAYS, more promotions for the 2019 season can be found here.

The PECOTA projections for 2019 have been uploaded yesterday, and the Astros are projected to finish with the best record in the regular season with 99 wins.

Chandler Rome writes a long article about Corbin Martin and Forrest Whitley throwing a ball 110 mph. I know it doesn't sound interesting, but it is. He's good at his job.

You can now watch Astros games without cable.

Luhnow says the Astros still might have another addition left in them before Spring Training.

Taking guesses on how the Astros outfield will look on opening day.

A quality opinion piece on arguing for new Astros uniforms to be spacesuits.

Former Astro and current traitor Hunter Pence signed with the Rangers yesterday.

Folks, another hi-res image of the world's most fascinating creature has hit the Internet.

Crows can think up to three steps ahead to secure food out in the wild and is very likely they could beat me in chess, checkers, stratego, othello, catan, ticket to ride, connect four, and maybe even scrabble but that one is just because I'm pretty bad at scrabble and I wouldn't put it past the bird to at least make it close.

Something I already know you guys aren't going to like but is exciting news for me, the 20 year old kid who watches professional League of Legends for 10 hours every weekend while I wait for baseball to come back, Germany is recognizing eSports as an official sport in Germany today.