Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday Morning Hot Links

Spring Training is in full swing so we can finally start looking forward to new Hot Links nearly every single day instead of the sporadic offseason uploads. A week from tomorrow is the Astros first spring training game where I will happily watch 6 innings of baseball, be satisfied, not watch another spring training game the rest of the year, and get way too excited for Opening Day.

The Astros are going into this season with something to prove.

The Astros are listed as one of the five teams that still have room to "win the offseason".

The Crawfish Boxes ran the numbers on the Astros 2018 outfield defense.

Luhnow did confirm the Astros had a trade deadline deal for Bryce Harper in place before the Nationals chickened out.

Gerrit Cole calls his record arbitration a "win for players in general".

Speaking of Gerrit, he just like everyone else in baseball it seems kinda hates openers. I feel like I'm in the minority when I say that it's kind of cool we are still introducing new strategies for the 200 year old game of baseball and welcome any other odd ideas managers have this year with open arms.

Bregman is hitting, throwing short distances, and taking ground balls. He is still on track to return by Opening Day. 

Collin McHugh talks about being back in the rotation in 2019. 

Justin Verlander talks about life as a father. He also says he wants to pitch until he's 45.

J.B. Bukauskas is wearing #69.

On This Day in Baseball History is back!

In 2011, former United States President Barack Obama gave Stan Musial the Presidential Medal of Freedom.