Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Since my last Hot Links posts on Monday Morning, my wisdom teeth have really hit the ground running in regards to piercing through my gums. It is not my favorite physical change I have gone through in my life and is currently making my face very sore. No wonder babies hate this. On the bright side, however, we have a pretty full post today so happy reading!

The Hall of Fame results were announced last night and Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman fell off of the ballot.

If this makes you upset, the good news is they will more than likely be featured in the brand new Astros Hall of Fame at some point in the future.

Vegas has set the Astros O/U at 97.5, which is the highest O/U in the American League.

Forrest Whitley headlines the 22 non-roster Spring Training invitees, which also includes Yordan Alvarez, J.B. Baukauskas, Cy Sneed, and Abraham Toro-Hernandez. Also Akeem Bostick, which is a name I enjoy.

Josh Reddick had a very Josh Reddick wedding.

Climbing Tal's Hill looked at some former and current Astros DRC+, one of the newest advanced stats for baseball.

There are 5 Astros on the Baseball America Top 100 Prospects List, but the names and the order of the list will not be announced until later today.

SB Nation says the Astros have had the worst offseason in the division so far.

Alex Bregman was part of the Turn In Gold gala that raised over $500,000 for childhood cancer.

Tyler White and Orbit were seen working at the Katy Chickfila before the caravan.

A woman was named after her grandfather, John, and her mother is mad at her for wanting to change her name to something that is not John.

This kid that's probably no older than 7 absolutely shreds "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the ukelele.


Chas R said...

"The Mariners’ roster has been rearranged and re-organized, and it’s too early to tell if the moves will have a positive result or not. But as of now, it has been a great offseason for the Mariners" Graded as an A! So, they had great offseason making a lot of moves that may not have any positive result. Brilliant.

Chris U said...

It's crazy to me how the Astros'40 man roster is not really set but they are already releasing the non-roster invites. I really hope they are adding more veteran left handed pitching. Of the three left-handers on the roster, none has pitched more than 40 innings.

chris unger said...

To me the article is not saying the Astros had the worse off-season, it's just saying they have improved the least. With the huge hole in the rotation, i have to agree on some level. I'm sure by opening day some one from the farm system will step up and a few more vets should be signed.

Terence said...

Lance Berkman was better at running the bases, fielding, and hitting than David Ortiz. Berkman got 5 votes. This whole HOF thing is beyond stupid.

Anonymous said...

If you're standing still, then you're actually regressing.

I agree, with 60% of the starters gone, and no significant sticks added to the lineup, it feels like the team has had a poor offseason... and that allows other teams to catch up.

A lot of the Astros continuing to win will be contingent on the performance of Whitley and Tucker. Maybe the team is banking on them being ready to fill in a couple of gaps?

Anonymous said...

Seattle hurt themselves by trading Edwin Diaz. That move could easily cost them 4-5 wins compared to last year when they won a boat load of close games in late innings.