Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Polar Vortex Hot Links

I am currently writing these Hot Links during the peak disaster hours of this "air storm"(?). The city has essentially shut down. School districts, campuses, churches, businesses, and just about anything else with 4 walls. I am trapped in my house because of air. My body burns from head to toe if I walk out just to my garage but also sometimes things go completely numb and it hurts and I am not loving life with all my heart right about now. They are setting fire to the railroads in Chicago just to make sure they are able to be used for goodness sake. If you're reading these from up North, please don't go outside and please stay warm. But anyways, yes this weather has given me a lot of free time on my hands to write up these Hot Links, so I guess let's do that now.

~You can pay Orbit to hang out on Valentine's Day with you, which sounds like something a smart and lonely person would do. is here to remind you that the Astros will still be scary good in 2019.

~Here's a pretty cool article about Alex Cintron's path from being translator to 1st Base Coach ($).

~There is a very very unconfirmed rumor that the Keuchel showdown has come down to the Astros, Brewers, and Braves.

~Tyler White's 2nd half of the season was phenomenal.

~The argument for Justin Verlander as the 2018 AL Cy Young.

~Listen to Robert Flores talk about the Astros offseason thus far and what comes next.

Doomsday predictors say that the apocalypse is two minutes away, which is fine and all but maybe let me know before I start typing up this piece.