Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday Morning Hot Links

The first Friday of 2019/last school-free weekday for Flick has finally arrived. I don't know how this semester will impact my writing of Hot Links for the spring, but as of right now I plan on still covering them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday if there are enough links to justify making an entire post for them. No matter what happens though I do still plan on writing for the site in some capacity 1) I like it and 2) to ease pressure off of James because that guy works HARD to give you the quality content that is delivered fresh to your doorstep every day.

Anyways, this intro has gone on for long enough, so let's get into the real reason why you folks are here.

Are the Astros the clear favorites to win the AL West in 2019?

\It's possible Gio Gonzalez might become the short-term plan to fix the starting rotation.

\Garrett Stubbs, Jamie Ritchie, and Nathan Perry headline the top catching prospects heading into the new year that we won't need because we have Max Stassi.

\The Astros pitching rotation is still the best in the west.

\Jon Morosi is reporting that the Astros, among other teams, are still interested in Jose Martinez.

\Let's talk about the Seth Lugo Spins.

\Here's a new prospect to keep an eye on, used in the same breath as Seth Beer, Josh James, and Corbin Martin: Brandon Bielak.

\And if you enjoyed that article, the same author (Brad Kyle) probably would like me to link his other article hot off the presses involving Coach Billy Wagner.

Lake Superior State University has smartly "banished" the stupid and bad slang word yeet in 2019. Thank you, LSSU.

A woman threw bleach in her boyfriend's eyes because he dared her to and let me tell you that you CANNOT turn down a dare.