Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Thursday Morning Hot Links

Let's get right to it.

*Brian McTaggart has an inbox in which he addresses the rotation, catching situation, throws some shade at Nelson Cruz, etc.

*Carlos Correa donated his piano to Texas Children's Hospital. (This sounds like a very similar situation I encountered when I was encouraged by my lovely wife to donate my favorite chair to the curb.)

*Shoutout to Mark Appel and Brady Aiken, both former Astros 1-1 picks who each managed to make's Worst First-Round MLB Draft Picks of the Decade list.

*This Rangers blogger says, given what has happened over the last decade, he would rather be a Rangers fan than an Astros fan:
So, I guess the question is...would you rather have been an Astros' fan or a Rangers' fan over the last decade? Personally and objectively, I side with the Rangers. Give me consistent success over eventual success. Give me two World Series appearances over one. 

I will simply leave that there.

*Lookout Landing looks at the "truthiness" of GM Jerry Dipoto.

*That zany Bregs is at it again: tipping fast-food workers $1200 and whatnot.

*We don't deserve Jacob DeGrom. And by "we" I of course mean "The Mets"

*Jim McVay runs the Outback Bowl. It's an exhibition game between two college football teams, the players in which are not paid. I am a casual observer of college football. I went to grad school at OU, so that's where my preference lies (I still owe them $5,700 so it only seems right to hope that their football team will win a Natty and maybe then they'll forgive my student loans), but I do not get crazy about OU football. I bargained that right away when I promised God I would never get upset about a football game again if it meant the Astros could win the World Series. Nervous about Saturday, though.

That said, I only remember one Outback Bowl - 2005 - because Drew Tate did this:

And Drew Tate went to Baytown Lee, where my wife and brothers-in-law went to school. One brother-in-law (what's up, J-Rock?) was an outstanding O-Lineman for Lee and unfortunately succumbed to the Astros County Curse and lost the one playoff game of theirs I was able to attend. It was an Upset. Anyway, Jared should have gone to a D1 school but the coaches were morally suspect.

Anyhow, Jim McVay, the guy that runs the Outback Bowl? He makes $1 million. Oh wait, that wasn't an Outback Bowl game, that was a Capitol One Bowl. Hahaha I didn't even remember the bowl game correctly. Oh well, J-Rock should still have gone D1. And Jim McVay ain't need $1m a year to throw a party.

*I just came across this incredible Texas Monthly article from 2014 about Charles Moore, who set himself on fire in Grand Saline, Texas.

*Outside Magazine: Life and Death on El Capitan.

*BBC: A Frozen Graveyard - The Sad Tales of Antarctica's Deaths.

(Ed. Note: I'm good, I feel fine, there's no mortality issues I'm dealing with - that I know of - the previous three links were just interesting).

*My side team, Leeds United, scored on an own goal and then two goals in injury time to beat Blackburn Rovers and win their second straight Championship game by a 3-2 score and with at least one goal in injury time. And they're leading the Championship. I HAVE PROUD.

*A Musical Selection from Harper Simon. You may have heard of his father Paul:


onosideboard said...

You’re probably thinking about death because Bregman’s YouTube channel makes you feel so incredibly old. Or is that just me?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine where we would be at if we had at least gotten a serviceable MLB player out of Mark Appel or that draft pick? Maybe the Brady Aiken fiasco made up for that.

Craig Harmann said...

It’s sad that Correa gave away his piano, yet good that he gave it to a worthy cause. There is a correlation between music, specifically piano, and hand/eye coordination.

Eight-Soft said...

Or had we drafted Benintendi instead of Tucker.

Roseana Auten said...

Re: Rangers blog: I think I’d want to see my team win it all once than watch them lose it twice. I think I’d want to know my team is contending in 2019 than know that they aren’t.